Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Conference Fee Due Date and Accomdations

Hello All!

The due date for payment of the conference fees, accommodations, and cultural tours is now June 10.

In PayPal, please send payment to:

If you want to write a check or money order, make it out to: CFBS
To get the address of where to send the check or money order, please contact me.

Either way, please plan on getting your payment in on time.

Make sure you pick the correct price rate (under Fees) for I. Registration and II. Accommodations. You can also add fees from III. Additional Expenses, as well as the Cultural Tours section.  If you are still confused, let me know and I can help you.

Also, I know that a lot of you have been getting your accommodations in order, which is fantastic. If you have not yet, please make sure contact Mary Ann about your lodging and tell her if you are interested in either dormitory or hotel accommodations. Her email address is:

Thank you everyone!

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