KAPWA3 Registration Fee Information
KAPWA3 is a multi-module gathering. Besides the basic registration fees (to cover kit, snacks and conference overheads) we have arrived at package fees according to whether out-of-town delegates choose to attend only the academic module (3 days) or to combine with the SLT (Schools of Living Tradition) pow-wow (5 days). For international attendees, we have package fees for whether they would like “bookend” accommodations (for jet-lag adjustments or post-conference relaxation -8 days.)

Comfort options are available: those with backpack budgets may wish to immerse with tribal visitors in multi-bed dormitories at Teachers Camp (10-15 people in a room and shared showers) and canteen food menus. Accommodations are rustic and simple.

Others who need privacy can have shared twin bed rooms in a hotel and eat al a Carte availing of packages at the higher end. Any preferences outside our listed range will be at the delegate’s prerogative. Specific hotel to be determined. If you prefer to look for your own accommodations, then choose from the a la Carte option.

COSTS: 1 Day 3 Days 5 Days 8 Days

I. Registration (kit + snacks + lunch)

Student $12 $17 $24 $32

Non Student $18 $23 $30 $38

II. Accommodations

Option 1:

Dormitory Bed (Teachers’ Camp) $5 $13 $21 $33

Food Canteen (3 meals)  $7 $7 $22 $69

Option 2:

Hotel Twin Bed (shared) $30 $90 $149 $238

Food a la Carte  $12 $36 $60 $95


Budget Package (Option 1)

(Dorm + Canteen menu +Registration)

STUDENT $24 $37 $67 $134

NON-STUDENT $30 $43 $73 $140

Komfty Package (Option 2)

(Hotel + a la Carte + Registration)

STUDENT $54 $143 $233 $365

NON-STUDENT $60 $149 $239 $371

III. Additional Expenses

Transfers (NAIA Airport - BGO RT)

Transportation from the airport to Baguio reflects the cost of bus fare on your own. If there are a least 7 people arriving together, a van can be rented.

Bus RT: $36

Van (7 people) RT: $60

Please address your check to: CFBS. In the memo, please write "KAPWA 3".   
Indicate what option you are registering for (e.g. 5 day Student Budget Package; 3 day non-student registration only).
Please contact o.g.sawi@gmail.com for an address to send your check.

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  1. FYI: If you decide to go and you are flying LAX or SFO, I will need your name and email address so that we can receive a discount. I can also negotiate other sectors, but they will probably have a different rate. So far we have to leave from LAX/SFO on the SAME day, but can go home any time. If you leave on Jun 23, you will arrive on the June 25 at Manila. Approx airfare is $1,500/pp including tax.